Egyptian culture has influenced many parts of our society, architecture and our literature. Let us take a closer peek at how Egypt has influenced our architecture. Buildings, restaurants and entertainment districts have been inspired by Egyptian architecture and most important tribute to the ancient Egyptian civilization is the casino hotel Luxor.

Casino hotel Luxor is located on the famous Las Vegas strip and can be found and seen even from space. The giant black pyramid and the huge sphinx statue can barely be missed and these two landmarks mark the complex of the casino hotel Luxor. The Luxor was opened on October 15, 1993 and is owned by the MGM Mirage.

The casino hotel Luxor has a total of 4,407 rooms which can be accessed through riding inclinators that run alongside the inner wall of the pyramid. The rooms are located on Luxor’s outer walls of the pyramid complex. The inner atrium of the Luxor pyramid features many attractions like the IMAX theatre that shows 3D movies and the King Tut Museum which is a replica of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Other attractions of the casino hotel Luxor feature Chriss Angel’s new magic show which is to run for 10 years in the casino hotel Luxor, the new nightclub called LAX which is famous for its celebrity packed parties and a comedy show by the comedian Carrot Top.

The casino of the Luxor amazes with a total gaming area of 110,000 square feet which includes 2020 slot machines, 7 poker tables and 109 table games. Games that are included in the vast casino landscape are Caribbean Stud Poker, Let it Ride, Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Wheel-of-Fortune, Pai Gow Tiles and other games. The three most notable restaurants at the casino hotel Luxor are Fusia, and the Luxor Steakhouse.

Another interesting detail is that the casino hotel Luxor has been renovated several times and certain attractions have been removed because of complaints and paranormal events. One of these attractions was the river that was circulating the pyramid complex. This river was designed as the river Nile, but guests started to complain that the river boat took too long to get from one place to another, so the Luxor management exchanged it into a river ride instead which would pass along all the important attractions. This river ride has the most famous ghost story of Las Vegas, because guests would see three construction workers who were originally killed in the construction of the Luxor casino hotel. The ride was later totally removed.

As you can see, the casino hotel Luxor has the Egyptian flair and the mysterious stories and attraction that will entertain every guest who decides to visit the Luxor.

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